Vitalize water

Blue-green algae, odor nuisance, fish mortality, algae and mosquito infestations, lack of oxygen, duckweed.

Current themes that municipalities and recreation parks are increasingly confronted with when it comes to public waters, fish ponds, marinas, canals and recreational lakes.

The causes are diverse, but in many cases have to do with more extreme weather conditions, such as long periods of heat or heavy rainfall.

The need to take preventive measures is increasing, because calamity control does not remove the cause and solutions are temporary solutions.

AUGA has been on the market for many years with compact aerators and mixers, which ensure the flow and aeration of stagnant water, prevent the development of algae and stimulate the biological breakdown of organic substances.

Tailor-made advice is provided for each water project, the installations are built in series, so that the purchase costs can be kept relatively low. Installation on location can be fully provided by AUGA.

Shaping water

A fountain turns stagnant water into a visually appealing water feature in public waters in parks and cities. Oxygen enrichment is a functional side effect that contributes to overall water quality.

AUGA specializes in the design and construction of floating and fixed fountains for public waters. The quality of the water is taken into account for each project, so that an installation can be adapted accordingly.

The program consists of static and dynamic fountain technology, with changing water images in combination with LED lighting technology.


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